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Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good

Jun 4, 2021

Hear from Dig This! radio show host and book author Monica Clark about her work to dispel the myths surrounding food access. Monica speaks honestly about her experience of job loss and homelessness in Seattle and how growing her own food in a community garden sustained her during this time. Listen to an excerpt from Monica’s book, “Mentor the Garden Mentor: A 12-Month Gardening Curriculum for Low-Income/Ethnic/Marginalized Communities and the Organizations the Serve Them.” 

Monica also tells us about using her own experience of shopping for food with SNAP/EBT (formerly known as food stamps) to help farmers accept SNAP dollars, the same as they would a credit card or debit card. Hear about the nonprofit Cooperative Gardens Commission’s founding during the pandemic and the work they’ve done to help people get started gardening, including establishing and supporting more than 250 seed hubs! 

Be sure to listen to the end of the podcast for the No. 1, most important, gardening advice Monica can offer, which she’s polished through decades of experience in gardening across the US.

Monica Clark on Instagram

Dig This! radio program (Saturdays, 2-4 pm Central)

Mentor The Garden Mentor book

Cooperative Gardens Commission